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Welcome to oz to cups, our article about the ounces to cups conversion.

Throughout our website we discuss fluid ounces, as opposed to units of mass like the international avoirdupois ounce and the international troy ounce for example.

The common abbreviations for fluid ounces include fl. oz., fl oz, and fl. oz, just to name a few.

So, if you have been looking for how many fluid ounces in a cup, then you are perfectly right here.

Read on to learn how to convert oz to cups, and make sure to check out our ounce to cup converter further below on this page.


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How many Ounces are in a Cup

To answer the question how many ounces are in a cup? we must take into account that there are both, different units of fluid ounces, as well as different units of cups to measure volumes.

The US customary fluid ounce, the US food labelling fluid ounce and the Imperial fluid ounce are the different ounces under discussion.

In the UK and Canada, the imperial fluid ounce is used.

On the other hand, “cups” can mean US customary cups, US legal cups, metric cups, imperial cups as well as Canadian cups.

One US (liquid) gallon is defined as 3785.411784 ml, and one imperial gallon equals 4546.09 ml.

The majority of the units ounce and cup are derived from the gallon and defined as follows:

1 US customary fluid ounce = 1/128 US gallons
1 US food labelling fluid ounce = 30 milliliters
1 Imperial fluid ounce = 1/160 imperial gallons

1 US customary cup = 1/16 US gallons
1 US legal cup = 240 milliliters
1 Metric cup = 250 milliliters
1 Imperial cup = 1/16 imperial gallons
1 Canadian cup = 1/20 imperial gallons

Both Canadian cups and imperial cups are fractions of the imperial gallon defined as 4546.09 ml.

As the former unit is 20% less than the latter make sure to get your cup unit right.

In the next part of cups per ounce we show you all oz to cups formulas, followed by our converter, which is the recommended way to change the units of liquids under consideration.

Convert Oz to Cups

To convert oz to cups apply the formula which corresponds to your units, or scroll down right away to use our oz to cups converter which can do all transformations for you.

[US customary cups] = [US customary fl. oz] / 8
[US customary cups] = ([US food labelling oz] * (480 / 3785.41178432)
[US customary cups] = [Imperial fl. oz] * (4546.09 / 3785.41178432)

[US legal cups] = [US customary fl. oz] * (3785.41178432 / 30720)
[US legal cups] = [US food labelling fl. oz] / 8
[US legal cups] = [Imperial fl. oz] * (4546.09 / 38400)

[Imperial cups] = [US customary fl. oz] * (3785.41178432 / 36368.72)
[Imperial cups] = [US food labelling fl. oz] * (480 / 4546.09)
[Imperial cups] = [Imperial fl. oz] / 10

[Canadian cups] = [US customary fl. oz] * ((5 * 3785.41178432) / (4546.09 * 32))
[Canadian cups] = [US food labelling fl. oz] * (600 / 4546.09)
[Canadian cups] = [Imperial fl. oz] / 8

[Metric cups] = [US customary fl. oz] * (3785.41178432 / 32000)
[Metric cups] = [US food labelling fl. oz] * (3 / 25)
[Metric cups] = [Imperial fl. oz] * (4546.09 / 40000)

Next a few words about our converter.

About our Oz to Cups Converter

Our converter is located at the top of this page.

Begin with entering your volume in ounces, then choose the matching units from the drop-down menus.

You can insert a value in both, the upper as well as the lower field: our tool is bidirectional.

Note that all results of oz to cups are rounded to ten decimal places.

If you need higher precision, please get a calculator and then use the formulas located in the previous paragraph.

Here you find all about cups to oz, including a converter.

In the next paragraph you can find additional information such as the FAQs about oz in cups, and how the search box at the bottom of this page or in the sidebar might be useful to you.

Oz to Cups Conversion

Both units of volume, the cup as well as the liquid ounce, are usually associated with ingredients, recipes, cooking and portion sizes for example.

The adjectives liquid and fluid are often omitted when it is clear from the context what sort of ounces are meant, e.g. that a shot glass holds two ounces (capacity).

Besides our content, standard measuring cups might be useful to determine oz to cups conversions, provided that the units are calibrated in the same reference system.

In the contextual relationship of our site, these are the frequently asked questions on oz to cups our visitors have when coming to our website:

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With our information, you should have no difficulties answering how many cups in an ounce etc.

However, if you still have a question simply fill out our comment form at the end of this article.

Our frequent conversions in this category include:

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Insert, for example x oz to cup or x ounces in cup.

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You may also search for x oz in cups, x ounces in cup and x oz in cup, just to name a few.

In the next section of our oz to cups conversion, you can find the purpose and the summary of this article, along with directions for more infos about the units.

About Oz in Cups

As there are three distinct liquid ounces and five varying cup capacities we have created this site including our converter to help you with the volume conversion.

We believe that our content is especially useful for travelers and tourists who are used to their particular units of cups and oz, and then suddenly find themselves facing foreign equivalents.

By the way, if you happen to come across quarts and pints in our context:

There are four quarts in one liquid gallon, and one quart is equal to two pints.

This applies to both, units in the United States customary as well as the British imperial system of measurement, provided that the systems are not mixed.

However, one US pint is equivalent to sixteen US fluid ounces, whereas one imperial pint is equal to twenty imperial fluid ounces, aka UK liquid ounces.

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The same applies to visitors who have been searching for ounces in cup.

We appreciate any feedback you might have, and are particularly keen on learning what kind of ounces and cups are in current use outside Canada, the US and, for instance Great Britain.

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