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In this ounces to cups category you can locate our articles covering the conversion of a certain volume in the unit ounce to the unit cup. For this we write x oz to cups, and in every post in this category we convert the three liquid ounces units, US customary fluid oz, US food labelling oz and imperial fl. oz to the five cups sizes US customary, Canadian, metric, US legal as well as imperial. In every entry we also provide you with the 3*5 formulas, a link to x cups to oz, useful details and much more. Our feedback form can also be used to us ask a question, and a review of the FAQs in the context of a particular fluid ounces to cups conversion is always included, too. Along with the instructions for how to use our search form, which is also part of every post. Here we have both, decimal values as well as fractions of the different ounces converted to cups. Finally, embedded in every articles is also an ounces to cups converter.