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Welcome to cups to oz, our article about the volume conversion cups to ounces.

As a matter of fact, the conversion of cups to ounces (oz) is ambiguous because there are three different cups and five distinct types of ounces in current use.

And all five ounces mean fluid ounces, not to be confused with the units of mass known as international avoirdupois ounce or the troy ounce.

However, instead of writing cups to fluid ounces, the adjective fluid or liquid is often left out when it clear from the context that a volume conversion is meant.

Read on to learn how to convert cups to oz, and make sure to check out our cups to ounces converter.


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Cup Unit

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How many Ounces in a Cup?

If you have been looking for how many ounces in a cup, or have been googling a phrase like how many oz in a cup, then you are definitively right here.

Though, as follows from the introduction, there are 15 possible cup to oz combinations for liquid ounces further discussed below, so the answer is “it depends” as can be seen in definitions below:

1 US customary cup ⇔ 1/16 US gal
1 US legal cup ⇔ 240 ml
1 Metric cup ⇔ 250 ml
1 Imperial cup ⇔ 1/16 imperial gal
1 Canadian cup ⇔ 1/20 imperial gal

1 US customary fl. ounce ⇔ 1/128 US gal
1 Imperial fluid ounce ⇔ 1/160 imperial gal
1 US food labelling fl. ounce ⇔ 30 ml

Note that the US food labelling fluid ounce is for nutrition labelling only.

All other liquids and volumes in the United States are measured in the unit US customary fluid ounce.

Except for the metric cup and the US food labelling liquid ounce which are measured in milliliters, the units under consideration are derived from the unit gallon, defined as follows:

An imperial gallon is exactly 4546.09 ml, and a US (liquid) gallon is equivalent to 3785.411784 ml.

With this information we show you how to convert cups to oz in the next section.

Convert Cups to Oz

To change ounces to cups choose the formula that corresponds with your particular units, or head straight to our cups to oz converter a bit further up on this page.

[US customary fl. oz] = [US customary cups] * 8
[US customary fl. oz] = [US legal cups] * (30720 / 3785.41178432)
[US customary fl. oz] = [Imperial cups] * (36368.72 / 3785.41178432)
[US customary fl. oz] = [Canadian cups] * ((32 * 4546.09) / (5 * 3785.41178432))
[US customary fl. oz] = [Metric cups] * (32000 / 3785.41178432)

[US food labelling oz] = [US customary cups] * (3785.41178432/ 480)
[US food labelling fl. oz] = [US legal cups] * 8
[US food labelling fl. oz] = [Imperial cups] * (4546.09 / 480)
[US food labelling fl. oz] = [Canadian cups] * (4546.09 / 600)
[US food labelling fl. oz] = [Metric cups] * (25 / 3)

[Imperial fl. oz] = [US customary cups] * (37854.1178432 / 4546.09)
[Imperial fl. oz] = [US legal cups] * (38400 / 4546.09)
[Imperial fl. oz] = [Imperial cups] * 10
[Imperial fl. oz] = [Canadian cups] * 8
[Imperial fl. oz] = [Metric cups] * (40000 / 4546.09)

Ahead are a few words about cup to oz converter.

About our Cups to Oz Converter

Our app is located near the top of this page.

Start by entering your volume in cups, next select the matching units from the drop-down menus.

Once all is set hit the convert button.

You can insert a value in both, the upper as well as the lower field: our app is bidirectional.

Note that all results of cups to oz are rounded to ten decimals.

If you need more accuracy, fetch a calculator and then apply the formulas located in the previous section.

Here you find everything about oz to cups, including a converter.

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Cups to Oz Conversion

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In the next part of our article you can find the summary of cups in oz.

Cups in Oz

The equivalent of cups in oz depends on both, the cup size as well as the fluid ounce under consideration.

In total, there fifteen possible combinations, so get your units right.

For the conversion of cups to ounces, we recommend using our converter, and that you bookmark our site right now as cups to oz conversion or something similar and remember-able.

Note that the units quarts and pints are related to ounces in the following manner:

The US pint is equals 16 US fluid ounces, whereas the imperial pint is equivalent to 20 imperial fluid ounces.

Then, two pints of the same sort make up a quart of the same kind, and four quarts is the volume of one gallon in the same measurement system.

However, don’t mix US and British imperial units.

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